What do Men Want
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What do Men Want
2015 • Comedy/Romace • 30 minutes • RomanceComedy
0/5 • 5.1 / 10 IMDb

Winner of ‘Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series’ at the LA Webfest 2014. This series is about 2 struggling actors, Jimmy and Bob, who happen to be best friends and flatmates. Whilst trying to “make it” in the acting industry they also desperately want to find love, however, they often look in the wrong places. They become players, date the wrong women for the wrong reasons, try to sleep their way to the top, lie and cheat to get what they want; fame, fortune, sex. Truth is, all they really need is love and satisfaction and it’s right in front of them - their gorgeous best (girl) friend, their own friendship, their passion for the arts.

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